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SECRA SANTET 2019 - OviBearn's Lishwist

Here iS my Secret sAntaY list for the year. I totally didn’t just copy and repost last year’s but my interest has not changes much.

OH WAIT no uh i have gotten in to Table top gaming pretty heavily like DND, Pathfinder, LegeNds of the 5 Rings, Seventh Sea, World of Darkness, Mainly Werewolf the Apocalypse and Vampire the Masquerade. So yeah like neat dice sets or a set of D 10's or D 6's would be neat Or just some really weird 7 set dice would be hecking neatO!

There is still no need for physical games unless its something form like Limited Run games that you’d think I would enjoy. I think those would be out of the price range though.


All in all I like Bear stuff. Figurines, carvings, lil murals, On a mug, on a blanket I have enough bear blankets... or do I? I actually amassed more figurines like actually So I am down for pretty much anything. Also still I would loVe something Rilakuma related I have a bag, a few small plushies, a lego set, a sweet lunch box and dining utensils.

Also uh Bionicles if those are still a thing I would like more of those.If you can’t think of something in those terms I like anime stuff too.

If none of that floats you boat and you want to go the digital route there is my Steam wish list here. I am totally fIne with someone else buying me the questionable content on my steam wish list since I can at least say hey I didn’t by it.

Here are the previous lists just in case you need to know more but be warned the content is all very similar almost like I just slightly edit this every year. 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.


Also can you decode the secret code? Look for the letters that should not be capitalized.

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