So HunieCam Studio is the second game from the folks over at HuniePot whose claim to fame is their Debut Game HuniePop the Dating slim/Puzzle match-em up with… Explicit pictures as rewards. Don’t worry no nipples or genitals get exposed in this game nor will I be sharing any of those photos. Now for their second Game HunieCam Studio which is a departure from what everyone loved about the first game with most of the original cast returning as cam girls you can hire accompanied by many new faces.

Hey if you don’t want to read this all and just want a quick review scroll down to the wrap up.

Also before I go any further I would like to thank Lord Furbs Aikage who was kind enough to buy me the game after he saw my enthusiasm and want for it. He didn’t have to buy me anything; however he was generous and I promised to do a write up and maybe a video on the TAY YouTube channel which is in the works. However I want it to be interesting. As I have already plays the game about eight times attempting to beat my high scores. Now with my gratitude solidified in electronic documents onward to talking about the game.

I simply wish to list the pros and cons of the game. This has no dating sim aspects, no questions, no getting to know the girls more as the game has drastically changed. This is in part a Clicker, and Simulation game. To be honest back when it was announced as their next project a few months after the success of HuniePop I was like… Meh not interested. Then it actually came out and it looked good and fun even. Gosh darn some of the sentences this game had me uttering aloud to myself as I tried to make girls make me more money while also increasing the number of fans they have.


Apologies let me rewind again so this game gives you an implied loser the opportunity to manage girls in a cam operation. You have 21 days to hire, train, get money and fans and make our lovely love Fairy Kue some sweet MONEY! The measure of success here is the total number of Fans you get at the end of the three weeks. All you need is a measly 5,000 to just make you way to a flaccid bronze dick trophy. It’s a trophy your parents could truly be proud of.

You can earn a number of trophies with the highest achievement being a Diamond Winged Ejaculating Dick trophy. Never before did I think I would ever type those words. Also along with many other quotes some being, “Aw shit we got a condom fam time to SLEAZE!” or “Oh fuck gotta buy them anal advertisements!” Many other horrible things were said that would have never left my lips had it not been for the game that made me curious enough to look up… water sports. All I knew it was of the Pokémon move Water sport which makes fire type attacks less effective. I didn’t know it was the urinating fetish… I don’t get it but hey whatever floats whoever’s boats.

Thanks Private and incognito browsing modes… just thank you for existing. Thank the privacy obsessed secret browser habit having developers. You done good kids, you done good. Anyway back to the game!


About the Game

So you employ the girls have a varying levels and traits. Style affects the number of fans they draw in when doing photo shoots. Talent effects the amount of money they make per fan while doing a cam show. Those two traits affect how much you pay the girls hourly. So pretty much the more fans and talent a girl has the more money she makes you. You can raise those too by making them take dance lessons or have them go shopping.

However the fans the girls have is where their traits come into play every girl has 2 traits by default. Normally it’s in regards to their race or a body type. So one of my favorite girls Kyanna Is Latina and also apparently possess a “Thick Ass”


The girls also have an addiction level for booze and cigarettes. This affects what they need to keep working well without stressing out so you have another factor to keep in mind with managing the girls stress and keeping them well stocked in their vice which some may not partake to those few who are addicted to booze an alcohol. At one point I think I employed too many addicts and joked that they much be drinking the cigarettes and smoking the wine at the rate they’re going.


The three starter girls: Nikki, Kyanna <3, and Tiffany, all have the lowest talent and style but also don’t partake in alcohol and cigarettes. Which allows you to get off to a safe start not having to worry about runs to the liquor or convenience stores until you employ girls that do have additional needs. So pretty much you can have the girls make fans and even have them get a new fetish they cater too via items from the adult shop. However you can have them completely curb an addiction like smoking or drinking with some items. Or help them move at double time with Coke or chill out and be less stressed with Weed. The adult shop also offers the most powerful item in the game if used correctly… The coveted CONDOM!

Condoms play an important part if you want to keep your girls in the game literally. Besides having them do cam shows for money you can also have them escort at a sleazy motel. This makes them the same amount of money that they would in a cam show in just ONE HOUR! Where it would take them maybe 4 or more hours for the same payment. Heck I guess sex really does sale. But you have to be safe about it. Sleazing without a condom can cause dire consequences. Namely STDS! All of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases affect certain things such as earning less fans or money, being unable to cam or shoot photos, Or being taken out of the game completely due to AIDS. There are six in all some curable and some are not, like AIDS!


So with all this going on you can spend the money on obviously paying the girls because going into debt for more than 24 hours ends the game. Otherwise you can invest in upgrades to make things more profitable or run more smoothly in the number of things you collect per click, the speed up you do per click, automated collection, percent boosts to the fans and money earned and the number of advertisement.

Advertisements play a pretty big part in increasing the number of fans you have especially for new fetishes the girls may get into that may have no current fans for. You simply pay money for fans just take a look at some of the advertisement site titles. I chuckled when I actually started to read them.


Advertisements scale in the amount of money and fans you get over the course of the game. With all that to take into account you just have to try and break 5,000 fans to beat the game or shoot above and beyond for higher accolades. All trophies pictured below.

So with each run you get tokens to unlock alternate hair styles and clothing for each of the girls. Once you unlock all of a girls hairstyles and Clothing you get a picture with them mostly clothed. You can mix and match all the styles to your preference to change their appearance a bit in game. It’s really just user preference though here is all of Kyanna’s unlocks. What I’m not biased or anything Kyanna doesn’t remind me of my first crush or girlfriend or anything!


Wrap Up

I won’t spoil any of the unlock pictures in this article you can google them if you want to see those. However all in all I liked the game. It’s a nice departure from the first title. I enjoyed it for far longer than I thought it would. But i understand that’s it not for everyone. and honestly I understand it.