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No Foolin'
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My Bearthday was fine

Midnight struck i was still at work.

I had turned 23 years old.

I did not make a bifg dea l of it told no one manageraskes me to go over somethings i workedthis takes me off the phone fore some time like an unscheduled break it was a gift all within itself.


The work day ended I had scheduled to meet a colleague for breakfast he taught me a great many things to help me do better at work.

The man is experienced and has been in the line of work for sometime Wehave a great time the coversation and tips shared were like a guft i treat him to breakfast because its my birthdayand i do what i want.


On my way home readying bus fare for approaching bus

fare box is down

free ride the gifts just keep on coming

ride on my way home listening to tunes in the huffle one of my favroite songscome on

play it on repeat until i get home love this song.

get off bus walk home many other walking some for fitness many good mornings are exchanged smiles aspasserbys go on their day get to my home.


approaching door which i have key for almost reach for doorhandle when


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Initiate combat i must defeat it if i wishto use the door.

I remove my hoody from my clothingequipped and fashion into a whip in my main hand the spider deftly dodge ssome of the hoody lashings but eventually i slay it.


Now to proceed with entering the house i have the key and in i go I am home from 10 hour shift and its my birthday.

Human den mother drew me a bearth day card

Illustration for article titled My Bearthday was fine

After awwing my mothers card i go to room sister girl is awake watching the youtubes i inform her of my heroics facing the spider she thinks not much of it i remove the pants the human society deem i must wear in ppublic

after all Home is wear the pants aren't and i am home so they dont need to be on me


[Removed Blue jeans]

nowbounding around the house as a 23 year old brown bear i think of the cake to bake whicj fails as we have no mix


any i go to bathroom changing shirts one shuirt on my new shirt on shoulder lost in though have not adjusted all clothing for clear aim at toilet notice the strem is incorrect i am peeing through my shirt...

[slowpoke reaction]

i stop peeing and removed the pee shirt as i do this i lose control and the flow strats again the shirt i planned to change into falls into the cross fire...


[am i even sober?]

peed on two shirt now in dirty laundry to be washed asap

wash hands get onnets check the book of faces birthdaywishes everythwer2!

play vidya xillia 2,dawngate,neverwinter and last piece of all good

DESTINY on PS3get all classes pass tutorial

finally tiredbeen up for 16 hoursfall asleep on couch

awaken by mum and sister ready to go out they say wego to gamestop

nothing to pick up chat with associates find out both gamestop ladies areseeing someone thats cool i was too slow too ask them on date.


go grocer shopping get cheesecake forb irthday baking plansnowpostponed.

go home mum says order pizza she set money asiede for it

[mum is teh bestest]

pizza arrive take from eliver guy we joked about somethin no recall now

ate food played more vidya many birthday wished from you all and facebook and text message and emails


[filling the love]

drinks ton of hard cider apologies if this is bad write am buzed

i did edi besti can right now to think

here is my b day not much plannedcuz its week day and everyone is work thank youallfor reeading

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