Hi this is bear of Novi. I am writing you all thks for the bedroom had a mighty force of sheer power. Allow me to convey a number of things to you using my amazing English skills (grammar and punctuation excluded).

Life is like an analogy for roller coasters. It’s got it’s own course and not everyone likes rollercoasters so yeah it’s not fair. Analogies are hard like what if the doors didn’t fit and your socks are just bunching up to much? Apparently there is no analogy for that I guess.

Roller coasters are scary and fun our pain terrifying if you don’t like speed, heights, g force, fun, or crowds, and have watch those final destination films. I like roller coasters also I cannot scream I just laugh maniacally on roller coasters.

Saw Dust is annoying but nut add anything as all of the damn QTE events in games nowadays. Not vCard due where I was hooking with this tangent. Math is fun but I don’t think there is enough pi.

I’ll stop my nonsense fir now. Time to go be a tree and maybe saw some logs. I need to work on my roof puns new that work in a wood furniture Factory.


TLDR have this photo

It’s a Cayt in a websitedow