No Foolin'

Well seeing as this week’s theme is supposedly about love and what not I am here to share with you a thing that I was around to see. It all took place in a game called… FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. A ceremony started by a simple suggestion from our Free Company (Player run guilds). Which was met with an,

So Karma and Dihzah set their sights on some sweet wedding gear. Thus starting their journey to getting in game married!


Seriously though the game makes you go on a pilgrimage to get your wedding rings blessed by The Twelve gods. It’s a neat touch I think. Once you do that you get to plan your wedding and there are even like three packages for the weddings set up from Normal the cheapest to Platinum the most expensive. Depending on the package you get to customize your wedding and your wedding attire to a higher degree. Our lovely couple went with very statement making red.

Anyway they did the stuff and got married and it’s like neat and stuff and I was going to write up some elaborate ruse. However I just wanted some reason to shamelessly post this poorly captured video of their wedding and some nice screenshots. Watch it to the end to see how quickly the seriousness of the situation changed.

After all was said and done I am told that Karma The newly wedded husband confided in Dihzah the new bride in that he finally feels as if he belongs in the free company. Then proceeded to say he’s going to spank that booty. A paramount to what love is, can be, may be, and more.

For real though this was all on a whim I believe nothing too deep just good people having good fun. Have Screenshots!

The bride looking at her husband to be.
The bride front and center with the ladies who attended.
The men in front with a swimsuit groom in the back.
This got weird quick
All who attended the wedding.
The paladin and two gentlemen who oversaw the occasion along with the new couple.
The free company leaders
A lone gentleman with a mini gentleman
My character and a cat paladin

I saw it man bonds were eternalized man.

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